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A divine trip to multiple Siddha locations in South India in April 2012. It has been almost an year that i shared my travels but after a long time managed to find time for these sharings because something has been pushing me all this year to put this in words. In utmost hope that readers will not only find it interesting and informative, but also help them plan and understand these places and it’s significance if they are inspired to travel into these places for the love of the Holy Masters, who are all the time in subtle guidance to earnest seekers on the path back home 🙂 Reader’s discretion is advised as what is shared here are my personal and deeper views only and shared with the knowing that they will help strengthen the understanding of subtle love and guidance of the loving Siddhas to every seeker. Heartfelt gratitude to my Gurudev & all the Holy Siddha Masters.

In brief about the whole trip: The one-week trip that covered more than 2000 kms with 4 other like-minded friends, included visits to Chamundi Hills and Baba Nityanand Ashram in Mysore. From there the trip covered locations Mayiladuthurai, Tiruvadaduthurai, Kumbakonam, Tanjavur, Madurai, sacred Sathuragiri Hills, sacred Palani Hills and Karur. The last two places – Palani & Karur could not be covered for time issues, but hope will cover them in some of the future travel blogs. Chamundi Hills in Mysore is a sacred hill of Maa Chamundi, where many saints are known to have achieved self-realization. Just at the foothills of Chamundi Hills is Baba Nityananda’s ashram which also has the samadhi of Swami Kareem Peer, who was a direct disciple of Bade Baba and we had the fortune of meeting his wife Hassan Mata, who also travelled with Swami Kareem Peer and also met Bade Baba in her young days. She took samadhi just few months ago.From Mysore we travelled to a place called Siddhar Kaadu (forest of Siddhas) in Mayiladuthurai, which is a town in Nagapattinam district in Tamil Nadu. At this place a Siddha along with his 67 disciples took jeeva samadhi at the same time. From Mayiladuthurai, we travelled though many Siddha locations like Kumbakonam, Tanjavur, Pudukkotai, and reached Madurai.From Madurai we traveled to the foothills of Sathuragiri Hills at a place called Wartap from where we started trekking into the holy Sathuragiri Hills for 5 hours. Staying overnight, we returned the next day and headed to the sacred Palani Hills. From Palani Hills we traveled to Karur, where there is another Siddha Jeeva Samadhi and from Karur returned back home.

If you wish to have a virtual trip here with me to all these locations, come … click on below links to read on… 🙂

Siddha Locations – 1 – Nityananda Ashram & Chamundi Hills

Siddha Locations – 2 – Mayiladuthurai

Siddha Locations – 3 – Thiruvadathurai

Siddha Locations – 4 – Madurai & Sathuragiri foothills

Siddha Locations – 5 – Sathuragiri Hills-1

Siddha Locations – 6 – Sathuragiri Hills-2

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