One World One Religion

Suddenly some thoughts flew rapidly in my mind.. this time caught it right away by starting to type it out right away….. and found it to be the right article for one of my old blog which didn’t receive attention for close to a year now 🙂 Thoughts on ADVAIT .. the one magnet that brought me to Babaji 🙂

The very basics of life is love, joy, peace, completeness
The emotions one strives to make life feel worth living
Because this feeling itself is the very source of life
This feeling can be felt in any religion,
in any human body, in any color, in any creed.

Because this essence of life throbs though every soul,
Because the source of this glimpse comes from one source,
The source we call God, Divine, Supreme, Creator… anything.

The sense of pain is the same in any living creature
The emotion of love is the same in any living creature
The feeling of happiness is the same in any living creature
Why then does the definition of that Supreme have to be different?

Chant OM, call out ALLAH, sing HALLELUIAH, whisper WAHE GURU
The experiences may differ, but the source will not change

Why then call “it” with different names?
Why chain “it” with boundaries?
Why bond “it” with rules and implications?
Why express “it” under thousand books?
Why search “it” in so many forms?

When all receive grace with any name,
When all experience miracles with any faith,
When all “Gods” answer prayers of “Their” believers,
How can one religion be greater than the other?

How can one practice be better than the other?
There can only be versions of truth
But the truth will always be only one
There can be thousands of paths
But the destination will always be only one. Period.

The life that throbs in every living creature
is the same God that lives through your body
Arising from the same source and settling into the same source
Which humans call as the soul’s destination,
So if the destination is one why should the journey be stuck in diversification?

If an apple can become a human in hours,
If a human can become dust in days,
And dust can become a mountain in years,
Isn’t everything merely a change of form?

That changing quality is God, labelled as God..
That quality is the source of everything, that takes forms with our own projections

When you look at a stone, you are staring at God
When you smell a rose, you are sniffing God
You you eat something, you are relishing God
When you drink something, you are quenching God
When you touch something, you are feeling God

When you experience love, you ARE God.
…. that is Advait or nonduality ….

~ jacob

another name label to the source that just flowed out as an expression…. lol