Manifestation – Part 1

Once during one of my workshop, one person asked me if “I am the master of my own destiny, then what is fate?” I explained that fate is the route map that you are have at the time of birth depending on your past life deeds. It is a carefully automatically prepared map of all the experiences that you are going to face during your lifetime, experiences that are destined to reap according to what deeds you have done in the past. The Universe thus justifies your life map carefully with a plan that is called as fate. However, the Universe just does not leave you at the hands of fate. The Universe also gives you a great opportunity of something called the freewill. 
This freewill is the steering wheel of your life. You will be provided with all the wisdom and opportunities to identify this wheel throughout your life journey in different disguises in the form of parents, teachers, spouse, friends, etc. Once you acquire this wisdom of knowing that you can steer the wheel of your own destiny life ceases to be the same. Complaints and grudges will cease to exist for you will now know that all experiences that are being placed to you are just not coincidences but they are the fruits of the seeds that you once sowed in the past. Instead of reacting to the situations and sowing more negative seeds now you have the wisdom of cutting off from this repeated pattern and steering away your life in a different direction. Here you are free to use your freewill and make wiser decisions and better choices. Once you make up your mind to change for good, things will begin changing around you.
The reins of your life are in your own hands. You are not a victim on this planet. You are not born to suffer. You are not born to doom. You are not living a meaningless life. You are not meant to be used, misused or abused in any form. You are not meant to carry the the so-called burdens of life. You are not meant to experience, suffer and die. You are not born to acquire and amass wealth selfishly. You are not born to rule or dominate over other living beings. You are not meant to work 12 hours a day and sit awake during the sleeping hours. You are not born to toil and sweat it out to be existing on this earth. You are not born only to eat, produce, fall sick and die. You are not meant to create boundaries and create your own worlds within them. You are not born to be unloved and forgotten.
Then what? You think about it. Is this all not what life is about? Most of the people do think that life is just once and why not enjoy doing anything and everything and die one day. But in the due course one ends up doing “anything and everything” forgetting that even the present condition is due to one’s such ignorant past. Once this wisdom dawns upon, one pulls the reins of the one’s own life and takes complete control over it rather than being driven in a carriage of uncontrolled horses into a life full of uncertaintly and insecurity. Most of the time, this is not realized until old age dawns upon and one ponders what life is all about. When one turns back, it is realized that life was nothing but eating, drinking, and sleeping. Even right now, if you feel you are wandering aimlessly without understanding why life is being unfair, pause and think. It is high time you took responsibility of your own life and direct your own story.
Nothing happens without a reason. If you feel life is unfair know that you have been unfair somewhere or the other due to which you are taking in things in the same form at the present time. Also know that if you continue to treat life with such thoughts you are bound to attract similar incidences into your life. I will be writing more in detail about how you can manifest anything that you desire and how what you are experiencing today is what you have unknowingly attracted into your life. Before that, I would love to bring this thought into you that you are the master of your own destiny. If you do not wish to use the freewill that has been offered to you as a birthright by nature, you will automatically fall into the map that was designed for you with what we called earlier fate. So, it is upto you to surrender to your fate and live a life like a puppet accepting and allowing things to happen to you OR stand up and take control of your own life. If you decide today that you want to change your life for good and that you want to experience all good things in life, you want to grow in every manner, yo

u want abundance of prosperity, health and wealth and live a life full of meaning, then right now make a commitment to yourself. Close your eyes and send out a prayer of whisper to the Universe to guide you rightly. Just do this and know that you have now sent a message out to the Universe and your own life, which for sure will be acknowledged and accepted depending on how purely and strongly you have sent out this intent. Once you have made this intent know that this is the first step to attracting what you want and being the master of your own destiny. I will be coming out with my next article on how to manifest whatever you want in life including better relationships, better health, better finances, better jobs, better circumstances – a better life. Yes, it is possible! So send out that intent as strongly and wholly as possible and watch out my next article coming soon. Until then stay blessed!

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