Bad childhood – Who is responsible?

Someone asked, “I had a bad childhood, bad experiences while growing up. Aren’t my parents responsible?”
Every individual’s experience is different and we all grow up with some or the other flaws. No one can ever say that all of one’s growing up experience were only negative or only positive. However, there are lives that have spent the entire childhood with lot of troubles. Many children due to this have a bad conditioning that later affects their lives.
Know that there is no improper judgment to anybody’s life. No soul is ever made to go through bad experiences or pleasant experiences in a random manner. Remember? You chose your own parents. Long before your birth, you (your soul) left a previous body and moved around in the astral plane putting together all of your cumulative experiences from all your lifetimes and made an assessment of whether you had learnt all the lessons that you needed to learn from your previous lifetimes or not. If you did not or if there were any more new experiences that you created from your previous lifetime that you needed to repay with lessons, then you finally made up a decision to come back to the earth plane to finish off your karmas. You then carefully selected your parents from whereon your lessons would begin and you chose to complete them. Finally, when you got into the womb of your mother and was given birth to, you began unfolding all those lessons into your experiences. You were treated exactly as you had known you would be so that be so that with these “sufferings” you began balancing your karmas. As you grew up, you were exposed to all kind of experiences that conditioned you to what you are today. You life decision to evolve brought you all the necessary challenges in front of you today before you were awakened finally and realized that the negative you today is not the real you. But now when you have known who you are and decided to begin clearing your lessons for your soul evolution with your greatest power of freewill, you feel overwhelmed. So, now your ego takes the responsibility and tries to handle the situation by blaming external circumstances, environment and people for being challenged by life. Your parents did nothing unusual but they too are exercising their freewill to learn their own lessons by coming together in a relation where you too have agreed to come together and give and take experiences.

This situation is normal and can look to be very exhausting and frustrating. It is only with your freewill, again, that you can chose whether to continue the blame game or move out and beyond it towards your goal. Once you let go and release the judgments and blames, you will see clearly the lessons that you were made to learn all these years and will be glad and thankful for those experiences. When this happens, then spiritual maturity has dawned upon you. You will chose not to see what wrong others did to you, but you will see how to let learn the lesson that made you go through it and then let go of that. As you do this, you start evolving and clearing your residual karma. The more you oppose it and deny the situation, the more challenging it will be for you, not to mention the additional karma you create with it.
Be grateful and happy that the wisdom of getting over it all has come upon you and is guiding you back to your path. Get on your path and leave behind all the illusional complaints and troubles of life. Bless the people who taught you and urged you to grow!

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  1. I like knowing that my childhood was an experience I chose from another perspective and that it is a valuable part of my path that makes me, me. And that without it I wouldn’t be becoming who I am today!

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