Pardeshwar Linga in Mysore

It happened all of a sudden and ended also suddenly. i have no idea how i got involved into it nor how i went through it nor how am i writing it now. All of it happened that fast. This article is being written with the intention of sharing some very good information about the work of Babaji through human hands. Such great tasks can only be established and put into place by the powers of a Guru. i was awed at how silently yet powerfully the Divine and Guru work, which i was able to witness in this divine process of the consecration of the Parad linga in the form of  rituals, gatherings, puja, music, havans, prayers, meditation, offerings, chants, and so many other things, done in order to bring that power within the human reach by transforming mercury into the highest possible form of the Divine! Words cannot describe everything and so i do not wish to go too much into the happenings or wonders that happened every now and then in these three days. In fact, they can be called miracles only when it seems too overwhelming for our minds – they are nothing but the way of the Divine – the most natural way the things are.

Throughout the article Amruteshwara is the Pardeshwar Linga and the Maha Meru is referred to as Amruteshwari.

i was fortunate to be a part of this wonderful event of the installation and consecration of the Amruteshwara at Mysore. i am not really very aware with minute details of the rituals or the process itself so i would limit myself from talking about them, but one thing i realized, yet one more time, that the guru is beyond space and time and any limitations. The three days of just being there showed it all. Though Babaji was not there physically, his presence permeated not just the place but even the people and events.

The Divine Little

One evening i was reading about Chamundi Hills and slowly immersed in the thought of Chamundi Hills with my eyes closing and recollecting the Hills as last time i could only go to the foothill during the homan conducted by Babaji last year. The next morning 10 a.m. i receive an invitation from Siva Moorthyji to be in Mysore for the event and he said that first day all will be visiting Chamundi Hills! i was shocked and did not even bother to ask him what and where but booked the tickets right away. i told SMji (Siva Moorthyji) about how i had made a wish just the previous day and all he did was laugh. This was the first time i had ever spoke to him on phone. 

So, on the scheduled day – February 5th, 2011, we reached Mysore at the Railway Station and soon were in the van that was arranged by SMji. i never knew what is going to be there for three days and never wanted to know also.. just wanted to enjoy everything as it came.. so this van trip was a surprise as it was planned to take us around all the holy places in and around Mysore beginning from the Suthur Math to Nanjundi Temple,  Jwalamukhi Tripurasundari to Chamundeshwari Temple, Nandi Temple, Shiva Caves, Laxmi Narayan Temple and few others.  By the time this scheduled visit ended it was dark and we reached at Yagneshwara/Tejeshwara Farm of SMji. It is located 35 kms from the Mysore city. Though we were travelling all day and that too after an overnight travel from home, there were no signs of exhaustion. Quickly, we were given a huge room where all of us would be together – about 18 of us. We could hear the chants coming from the top of the building and that indicated that whole day the processes were going on. We did not rest but straight away were asked to join in the functionalities. i met everyone for the first time and soon it was a family 🙂 That late evening we all spend our time in the processes that was already going on there throughout the day. i found that the pandits were the same pandits who had done last year the Homam or Yagna at Mysore with Babaji. 

The whole environment looked grand with lights, plantain leaves, flowers and garlands everywhere and the divine chants of the pandits in that whole space. We then had the procession of bringing the Amruteshwari (Maha Meru), 16 merus (nityas) and four small Parada Lingas to the temple. This was brought from SMji’s farmhouse which is in front of this temple. The temple is built on the top above a square building that has an open space in the middle of the building. The temple that was visible from the ground level both from outside and inside was surrounded by glass and was the place chosen to install the Amruteshwara. Right above Amruteshwara is installed Amruteshwari, which makes the enhancement of energy flow very high.

In the meditation hall

The entire place around the temple has all facilities of an ashram – on the ground floor is the large dormitary spaces that can accommodate upto 200 people, the kitchen space, with washrooms on both floors. A large meditation hall that holds the photos of SMji’s gurus – our Babaji, Swami Desikendra of Suthur Mathand his father Shri Gurubasavadevaru, who is a liberated being. This hall is just divinely cozy and warm and vibrating with peace and divine energies. Above this hall on the first floor is the temple and opposite to the temple is a large permanent space for a large homam kunda and an extension of long space for people to sit. The top floor also has space for people to have prasad (meals). i have tried to cover everything in the video in the end.After dinner we all settled down in our beds – all of us in one room, and woke up at 4 a.m. the next morning. Me, Ravi and Puneet had our bath and went up and sat in front of Amruteshwara. i cannot describe how wonderful and blessed feeling it was to sit here far away from home at the divine hours of early morning in front of Amruteshwara . It was not yet consecrated but still radiated those vibrations to bring one’s wandering mind to a halt. 

Soon, it was daylight and we had our coffee. i had a tough time managing the two piece of cloth worn in the traditional pious way in entire South India and every time i made struggling efforts to make myself comfortable in it, Ravi released a bout laughter. i have never worn this in my life and am not used to all this but knew well that some of my pending past things are emerging up to be re-lived, to be released, possibly that is why i got an opportunity to be a part of such divine processes by the grace of Babaji. i must add that i have noticed always that the guru knows it all. He gives opportunities to every sadhak in different ways to help reduce the loads of karma and thus help in one’s spiritual progress. At least this is how i see Babaji working with me and have seen this happening with others also. 

The ways the grace of the master guides and supports each and every sadhak is phenomenal but sometimes too unfortunate we fail to understand his ways just because our logic minds weaken the capacity to decipher it. Maybe, i cannot explain it in words, but there was a very subtle yet powerful presence of Babaji all through this place. While all this was happening here Babaji was in Singapore in the shivir but the warmth of his presence was so much here that one could never crave for his physical presence. i recollect Babaji telling in one of the shivir that he wants everyone to learn the process of making a Parada Linga, which is almost as perfect as birthing Shiva himself.

Babaji had mentioned in shivirs how this process of purifying mercury and activating Shiva was almost lost in the Guru-disciple tradition and how Babaji wishes to revive it and make such Lingas available in various places so that not only people who do sadhana there are benefited, but also all living in a large radius of the place vibrate with that healing energy. Babaji had imparted this knowledge and experience of making Amruteshwara to a fortunate blessed few, one of who was installing this Linga here in Mysore.  The whole day was involved in many processes and continuous homams and a Rudra Abhishekham. i would not want to try to put all the processes since i am not much sure with the names and rituals that took place. i did not want any logic games, so just shut out my mind and was just ‘present’ there in everything that happened there. 

SMji told us that we were also having the Dakshinamoorthy Homam with white lotuses, which is very rarely done otherwise. The whole day passed just  being there in all those processes and i could sense  the seriousness involved in the entire procedure. Firstly, taking 10-11 months for just the physical purification of the mercury and then this divine process of consecration. Every now and then SMji told us many things related to the entire process and the many things that happened during these months. 

Every now and then there was something just nice happening and every now and then i was learning something – from the process, from the people, from the energies there, and from SMji himself. He wanted us to be seriously absorbing everything during the process. He was quite strict with  even a little idle chat and i must say it helped our sometimes-distracting minds and tongues. This second day, we got some time in the afternoon to rest, but we preferred just moving around. SMji was very kind enough to arrange separate homams for every one present there in turns from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. It was an awesome experience.


Then we all had our dinner together and came back to our room. Here a few of us sat on our beddings on the floor, talking about Nityananda Baba and our Babaji and by the time we went to sleep it was 2 a.m. After two hours of sleep i got ready by 4:30 and went up to the temple with Ravi and Puneet. The energies were getting broader. This time i had experiences very difficult to explain; it was like a kind of disorientation. There was no sense in what i was feeling and even if thoughts came up they made no sense in the continuity. i could not sit much as i was drooping into some deep sleep state and coming back and going and all random things happening but could not remember any of those things i saw or felt after i got up.

View of temple from inside the building

Then, as usual we had our tea and later breakfast and soon were ready for the final process of the consecration – the Shanti Homam and the Purna Ahuthi. This went on from morning through afternoon. Finally, we all had the pradakshina with the Kalash around the entire building and offering it to the priest back in the temple. SMji along with the main priest did the final part of the process and by 3 p.m. everything was done. SMji told that we could visit into the temple for one last time after which it would be closed. Soon we had lunch and after lunch we went into the temple. It was just a powerful place there at that time and as i looked at Babaji’s photo behind the Amruteshwara something very strongly engulfed me with his presence. Rest is unexplainable.

Shitalji from Goa is an admirable being – here is he with the luggage

We then all went back and packed our bags as we had to leave this evening. In an hour two vans came up and we were all leaving this beautiful place. Some stayed back and planned to leave the next day and we bid each other goodbye; we had to catch our trains this night. i could not thank enough Siva Moorthyji for everything that he did for us and is doing for many and that he continues to do with this noble work under the grace, instructions and blessings of Babaji. When i asked SMji permission to write about this event he told me to do anything but not to make anything egocentric. i know he would not like his mention here, but i am ready to take the firing for it ðŸ™‚ for i strongly feel the need to share something.  The night before i was mentioning it with others in the room about how Babaji does everything in such manner that he extends his love and help through so many means and mediums. For a few, people like Siva Moorthyji are oneof Babaji’s such extensions through whom the Guru performs and trains so many. i call it training because i have often seen that the Guru puts you through different types of training by putting you across and with different people, places and situations depending on what you need to learn, grow, and to make you eligible on the further steps of spiritual progress. Ego is one that is put to test by the guru and i saw so many of the negative aspects of me being thrown to test and trials, finally being able to learn so much from those experiences. We literally pulled SMji into a group photo near the farms. 

Final moments before leaving

Lastly, i am not trying to praise SMji but he is a thorough trainer in many aspects, which the Guru is making sadhaks aware of. Moreover, in between the trainings and exercises and all his busy and disciplined schedules we went through, there was something very noble and gracious that i often caught during my silent glimpses on Siva Moorthyji and that teaches  something important as to how to balance the two worlds of material and spiritual in equal justice. Even though being a strong-willed person i have seen his eyes twinkle emotionally when he talks of Baba or when he talks of some divine experience. But then he does not stay there for long lost in glory of any emotions, but snaps back quickly to the work he has in hand. i share this here deliberately knowing it could probably help someone see the way i am seeing  things here with the whole experience of the spiritual path. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t matter, it would have at least made an informative read on a few new happenings in South India 🙂 It was a wonderful family come together for a divine purpose. Thank you for your lovely company – Satishji, Shitalji, Joshiji, Kartikeyanji, Swaminathanji, Ravishankarji, Guruji, Selvaji, Mureshji and their wonderful families, Punit, Ravi, Prabhat, Abhishek, Deepti, Jayanthi aunty, Naren, Gayatri di, and last but not the least Lalitha akka and all the little ones! It felt exactly like our soul agendas on earth – come together, meet many, live together, love, laughter, work, fun, and learn and grow together, and once the roles are played, disperse back! Life on earth is so much similar… Namah Shivaya!

More information about the place

From Mysore city it is about 30 kms towards Hunsur-Gaddige Road.

Bus-stop: Yagneshwara Farm Bus Stop (which is right in front of the gate. 

By road it takes around 45 mins to reach.

Can accommodate up to: 200 people with bedding. Take your own bedsheets/blankets.

Address:Thejeshwara Farm, 
                Farm Gate,
Bogadi- Gaddige Road,
Hunsur Taluk,
Mysore Dist

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