How to be Divinely Guided – Creating Synchronicities – Following Your Heart

While on the path of truth and light, it is a common concern to know-
~How does one receive divine guidance?
~ How were the people who were inspired to do great things do it?
~ How to live in the space of your consciousness?
~ How to practice being mindful and aware at all times?
~ How to attract divine support?
~ How to be in the connection with inner guidance?
~ How to attract synchronicities towards your life goals?
~ How not to create obstacles in your own creation?
~ How to maintain oneness with the Guru Tatwa or with the Ascended Masters?
~ How to attract divine people and places?
~ How not to be affected by other people’s opinions?
~ How to be in the ‘know’ing?
~ How to effortlessly get your work done for yourself?
~ How to follow your heart and not the mind?
~ How to be at ease anywhere you go?
~ How to make things conducive to your seeking?
~ How to float through life challenges?
~ How to give and receive love?
~ How to keep divinity in your aura?

Am answering all these questions and more with personal life examples so that you can relate it with your own journey.

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