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Welcome 2012 as we leave behind 2011. When we want to turn and look back and what the year 2011 had to offer, we notice that there was not much. Observe carefully, and it is just another year that we let pass by. Achievements? None for some and some for some… There were achievements to count in the form of promotions, new businesses, new jobs, new relationships, new friends, new purchases, new establishments, new ventures, etc etc.. all that were achievements of 2011. But physically one witnessed so many achievements but when one ponders to what actually inner achievement did one receive, the entire question about achievement is re-thought about. Did all these new achievements make you grow as a person? Did it give you more happiness? Did it improve your well-being? Do you feel more contended? Ah! Now, thats a question. One could even think of re-defining the word achievement.2011 has seen many traumatic events in the form of natural disasters, terror attacks, economic meltdown and a lot of insecurity. With all these fresh in the minds, all move ahead to welcome 2012 with an optimistic view hoping things would be better. Of course, the problem lies not in the view here but in the definition of what one has achieved. Without clearing knowing ones achievement or growth it would be a blunder to look forward to things that would only pile up a few more so called achievements giving one the false notion that more has been achieved. 

Achievement, I would define here, is a sense of feeling that one adds up to one’s life that brings about a sense of contentment, happiness, security and well being. If one hasn’t achieved this state then what use is that extra thing that you have added on to your physical life? If you feel that with such achievement, there is even a fraction of added burden of insecurity, gloom, jealousy, selfishness, greed, inferiority, worry, or fear to your achievements of last year, think again if they can be really called achievements. But if one has not achieved anything in 2011 that one can actually boast off in open but has been able to add even a fraction of the sense of security, peace, happiness and contentment then one has made great achievements!


Now, it is never that any achievements like new friends, relationships, wealth, job, ventures, etc are bad. Not so! In fact, all this is what makes life. But at the end of it all, one has to measure as to what one’s sense of being is. What one has to compare is not one’s current assets from the past year but compare one’s individuality and well being from that of the previous year. This is because only your well being will give you the sense of real achievement. If with more wealth one has more guilt, fear and insecurities then one has not achieved more wealth but in fact achieved more worries. If with a new relationship one has achieved more restlessness, more insecurity, more hurts, more anger, more sleepless nights, then what has in reality been achieved is more turmoil. If with a new venture one has more fears, more tensions, more irritation then one has actually ventured into more troubles. BUT, if with any of the so-called achievement if one has achieved more stability, more strength, more security, more peace, more happiness, more laughter, more ease, more restfulness, more flexibility, more grace, more love, then that’s achievement!

However, there is nothing bad if looking at the above you feel you haven’t achieved anything. Once you understand this definition of achievement, now you can look forward in the right way to welcome 2012. This understanding will actually make you look at what you will gain with any new moves you make in 2012. With any move, you now analyze what would be a end result. How will you be growing as your true self? What will be the achievements your inner self will be making? When these are analyzed with any new moves in life, there creates a lot of room for achievements on all the planes – physical, mental and emotional levels. More of all, you will have clarity in what to seek for a growth that will make you feel contended and peaceful at the end of the day. Basically, that is what one would want to feel at the end of one’s journey. Just like one looks back at the end of every year and gauge one’s achievements, at the end of one’s life journey one should be able to look back and say “I have achieved everything in my life!”

Have a wonderful 2012! Stay blessed!

~ love and light ~ 

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