The Choice You Have Every Moment In Current Testing Times

Whether you are aware of it or not, you have anchored much light into your bodies. It may feel otherwise though, which is only because you haven’t let gone of the old patterns and old beliefs that has surfaced currently into your being. It may be challenging because the ego mind doesn’t really want to let go of the old and suffering is what is the result. That’s why it’s important to become AWARE of it all, feel it, acknowledge it in your being of existence and watch it fade away. It fades when you don’t judge it or get involved into it. But it sticks around and sucks life out of you when you keep your focus on it.

Things may feeling crapy but nevertheless the frequencies of human consciousness is raising and that is one good reason why you feel crapy because the old unwanted stuff is surfacing to release. You hold that crap when you judge it or resist it or fight with it. At such moments SHIFTING INTO AWARENESS helps a great deal because only then you can  detach from those densities or lower frequencies. Remember,  you can be in higher states of consciousness and yet feel lower emotions. That is precisely what happens when light shines into your darker areas. That same light will reveal to you your darker areas. How you react to seeing it all, is what makes you feel crapy or not. Seeing it all through Awareness makes you nonreactive of that crap and allow you to not really get into the muck, but seeing it all through the ego self makes you fiddle and mess with the crap. Hence, it is about SHIFTING INTO AWARENESS during such times with the knowing that you certainly are anchoring more and more higher frequencies that the cosmos is naturally pumping into human consciousness right now, whether we like it or not. What you are seeing in the whole world outside is just that. The world that is not yet ready to anchor or acknowledge this growing light in them will unconsciously or in unawareness see and react through their ego self, result of which is anger, frustration, hate, vengeance, sadness, loneliness, etc which is what you see right now happening in the world. It’s all the unconscious acts of spontaneous eruptions ]of old negative stuff being surfaced by the light that is seeping into their consciousness. But since they are not conscious or aware of it, reactions are from the ego consciousness, with a natural tendency to resist or fight. That is why you see whole lot of all kinds of challenges and its reactions happening right now in the world. This is happening to even to the  evolved beings, and I mean spiritual people or people who are awake and conscious. They too are not spared of this process, for even higher frequencies are impacting them, surfacing all left over denser material within them also. But the only difference would be that a conscious or awakened soul, will “choose” not to experience it through the ego consciousness but through pure awareness. When experienced through pure awareness, denser emotions are experienced  but not fought with or resisted even though the crap is felt. It is witnessed. That is the key dear ones – in “allowing” the processes to happen without resistance. What is experienced is what is meant to be, for learning, growth, evolution and ascension. Mind you, ascension doesn’t mean you will float in love and light. You will feel all the dense crap but then with the “knowing” that it is all meant for your highest good and highest good of all, even though you may see no good in it.

There are lot of things happening behind the scenes and it is not necessary to know it all. Nothing may be making real sense about life, its purpose, and you may even feel like you are dying. If this is what you feel, know certainly this is the feeling of the ego consciousness because the ego is dying. The stronger the body consciousness, the stronger will be the ego consciousness, and thus stronger will be the feeling of death (of the ego). Ego consciousness is what separates you from the real you – the soul. i wouldn’t call it ‘your’ soul because you are the soul, it is not yours. SHIFTING INTO AWARENESS is shifting from ego consciousness to the real consciousness and observing through that pure space of awareness. This happens with just by make a shift in your perception by becoming still and aware.

For a moment, just shift into pure awareness of your being and watch or observe all dense happenings in your life without judgment. Just become aware of it without your mind stamping it with a conclusion of whether it is good, bad or ugly. See it through your pure Awareness. Do it now – simultaneously as you read this. It is possible. SHIFT INTO AWARENESS. See it all with detachment. Observe.all your life, right from your birth till now, this very moment. You went through what not and every time you were in something uncomfortable, you resisted, you fought…. you went miserable and perhaps even thought you wouldn’t get though it… but then, here you are. You still exist. You made it through. Now think of all those resistance and reactions which were actually useless. What a waste of time and energy! In a few moments of such silent awareness you will begin observing and noticing that how the life journey has brought you to where you are right now, despite all the life events that even once may have even seemed impossible to move through, but still you made it. You will observe that so many dramas happened – all from the ego consciousness, which really wasn’t needed, and now looks so dumb.  Observe how nothing of what you felt really mattered, it would have still brought you till here, without all those unnecessary sufferings. Then why did you suffer? Why was there so much worry? What use was it all really? You will observe how useless it all was. It clearly will now reveal to you that back then also you had a choice. Choice of choosing to have gotten into all that or simply chosen to have been aware. If you can see this then you will immediately be able to relate that with your current situations too and know that the same can apply even now. There is no point resisting or fighting anything at all. There is no point judging and concluding anything about life or the world at large. It is all a gradual process that is unwinding itself right now. The whole of humanity is in the process.

You will discover that life was just like a river, flowing naturally towards it’s destination, flowing sometimes at great pace, sometimes at no visible speed, yet sometimes through a waterfall, and sometimes still, but throughout its journey flowing gracefully towards the destination. The waters that reach its destination will see that all throughout the journey, came what may, nothing changed it’s true state. The soul is exactly like that.

Now, SHIFT INTO AWARENESS to your current moments and relate to everything in a detached non-judgmental way. Are you right now also repeating that old pattern or conditioning? The lower emotions are useless, as it always was. It never did any good, so what will it do now? Whether you use them or not still you will transition through life, like the river. If you don’t, then sometime in the future you will look back to the current situations and feel amused, like you just did with your past. This is how life functions. You had decided once before you entered the earth plane to jump into this ocean of samsara and wade through it as you wanted to experience it all. But now it feels overwhelming. Since you have already taken the leap into this flowing river of Samsara, there are only two ways to move through it. Through the ego consciousness (of separateness) of a whole lot of mental, emotional and physical drama or stillness through pure awareness.  It is simply a choice – Whether to REMAIN in ego consciousness or SHIFT into awareness of higher consciousness. It is a choice that we will need to make moment after moment, until it no longer is a choice to be in awareness but a way of life itself.  That is liberating.

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