Be very aware dear ones. Mainstream stuff is pushing people more towards separation of human consciousness through all possible ways. Separation has already brought the planet to what it is today, including all the miseries humanity attracted towards itself. Evil agendas are to give completion to destruction by adding more opportunities to separate and hate. Everytime human consciousness separates itself, the devil celebrates. Hence, awareness is very important at this hour – becoming aware of even what is higher than the illusions of separation and superiority. Doesn’t matter what the collective is upto, it is upto you to choose the limited truths or higher truths of human consciousness.

Even pandemics have its roots from hidden agendas that is still not exposed to the conscious logical minds, but is very clearly accessible through awareness, but since awareness is a choice that not everyone switches to, ignorance remains dominant. In due time it all will be exposed, but only through awakened souls who can see it all through awareness and never through the conscious eyes, because physical eyes are connected with the ego self. Even preservation of self and one’s loved ones is not difficult in the coming time, only if human consciousness realizes it’s true self and drops separation. When separations fall apart and the true soul emerges, all vengeances, hatred, selfishness drops, because there is now nothing to compete and there is noone to suppress, not even the ‘holier than thou’ attitudes – everyone is equal. Humanity then automatically and effortlessly will support each other and all the rat races and insecurities of self-sustenance, self-preservation, hunger, disease, survival, etc will just disappear. Pandemics is not the threat, the planter of the pandemic is. It all came in easily just because the human separations were taken advantage of. It still is taking. It has various ways to destroy, this one is the biggest, for the illusion has been created that pandemic is the enemy, thus diverting everyone’s attention from the main enemy.

What tool has the devil taken advantage of? The Ego! It knows well that this is a priced possession of humans because it is only through ego that separation is possible, where that self-superiority is so palpable, where the urge that I or We win and other lose is predominant. The Master reminded many times that the attitude of “Win-Lose” is egotistical and the attitude of “Win-Wipe” is Asuri (devilish). Well then, who wants to check the deeper teachings, we love just to be comfortable with what the ego says than what divinity says, and the pride of yet calling ourselves as “followers of the path”.

The coming days in pandemic is only checking these things out. Whatever the collective decides and follows, similar consequences will follow. But the ego is such that it becomes ready to pay the price, even at the stake of our own lives, at the stake of our loved ones, at the stake of our children, because the ego makes itself feel more superior than all this, even if consciously one is saying that it cares for all of this. That is how subtle the play of the evil is. That is why it easily keeps winning. Know that the higher consciousness and realms have no separations and it is evolving to there and it will, but how the process is going to be, is entirely upon freewill. There is no negative for the higher consciousness. Whether man wants to learn and evolve through pain or through higher awareness is completely upto them. Universe is okay with both, for it knows things have to evolve in any way. Even if humans chose to destroy each other, that is upto them, but in the end when each soul rises out of the corpse, it, as alway, begins to realize its originality and realises the foolishness of it’s play within the whole illusory play of separations. It then vows to come back and learn more lessons, but now at the receiving end – for what you give, you have to recieve, that is the Divine Law. And the game goes on, and on, and on… You know something funny? Ever questioned or contemplated if this life itself was a lesson you came back to learn on this, but are making the same mistake?

Divine Love and Light 💛

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