The super-senstive Huge Guys (cows)

This was in Ganeshpuri, where we had walked quite a distance crossing the Tansa river and entered a small Ashram, where we found this cow. While patting him his kept his chin on the elevation and rested. I must mention that this breed (Gyr Gai) are very receptive to human emotions.

And then, once, I was in Alwar Gaushala and was taking photos stading on an elevated platform to avoid confronting the large number of cows moving around there. At that moment I saw a huge cow walking straight towards me. I first thought it was just passing by but then it came and stood right in front of me. It took me sometime to understand that he was full of love. I began running my hand over his head and it truly was annazng feeling of love. Soon I was sending him back lot of love though the touch and this huge huge cow relaxed his chin over the platform with his eyes closed seemingly half asleep though standing there in the hot sun.

Then again, in Karjat ashram there are two Gyr cows who I would embrace everytime I met them and one of them would shed tears whenever she was touched or spoken to with love. Super sensitive huge guys (gais) 😆💛✨🌈

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