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Greetings, Dear One!

One initiative taken up by me is to feed or provide in cash or kind to the needy monks, sadhus and Yogis, whom i often come across. There are few of them whom i am aware about and it would help sending them certain amount or in kind to help them sustain with their daily food and other basic needs. If you like to donate to the cause, you are most welcome as an opportunity to serve the people on the path.

i keep coming across many Yogis, Monks and Sadhus who have been affected in many ways by the Pandemic – especially for their daily meals and basic amenities, that they were otherwise getting through the crowds at places of worship and other divine places. This is a small move in order to help them… serve them would be the right word. Your contributions would certainly be of good help to them, which i would like to gladly be a medium to pass it on to them.

or you can also opt to donate directly and faster through paypal

Also, all the services on this website and all my other online work is offered completely FREE. if you feel you have benefitted from any of these activities that i have been offering, and you would like to appreciate it, you may BUY ME  A COFFEE for that is how the online expenses of websites, domains, hosting, etc are managed and it helps keep things going on. Please know that no other funds are utilized for these purposes and it is only through the COFFEE sponsors that my online work is kept going. For those who keep BUYING ME COFFEE i am thankful because it is due to your contributions that other people are able to benefit through these services. Thank you.

A video note on deeper insights of this Page/Website and also this campaign
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