The subtle darkness between the Spiritual Beings

“Na Jyotse Aag Lagao                            Light not fire into each other
Na Phoonk se Jyot Bujhao                  Blow out not the light of others
Par Jytose Jyot Jagao…                        But light other lamps with your light…

All this in the Play of Consciousness. Doesn’t make sense? Read on….

No doubt that there are enough awakened souls who are capable enough to light up the whole planet, but do you know why that is not an immediate possibility? Because they are scattered under various groups and beliefs and dogmas and doctrines and principles and theologies and faiths, which are all very powerful in itself but unfortunately is still segregated.

The power of Oneness Light is not as powerful as when segregated and scattered

A major big illusion is still hidden between them called as boundaries. Even though the people of light are aware that they are rebelled by the dark forces in the current time, the illumined may still not notice that the devil is having a great time deluding even the light beings with seemingly-harmless lines between the awake individuals known as “boundaries”.

The people of gross remain deluded by the visible boundaries between their countries, states, cities, towns, neighborhoods, communities, while the people of the subtle remain deluded by invisible boundaries between their religions, cults, communities, faiths, lineages, traditions, groups and practices.

The ego of separateness can exist even in the subtlest form that may not be given enough attention, but it is this advantage that the dark forces ride with. With it’s cunningness, it successfully fuels the unnoticed ego even between the individuals of same groups of light beings, thus influencing the collective’s false “I” (read false “we”) in the awakened souls in religions, cults, communities, faiths, lineages, and practices and keeps fuelling it through difference of opinions, superiority-inferiority complexes, desire for supremacy, vanity, urges to bind one another with one’s own doctrines, and even fight each other to extremes to “win” the righteousness. In this struggle, so much of precious energy and time of the spiritual beings is lost in this useless, futile task, which otherwise could have been used to gracefully win over the dark. This factor is largely a subtle and thus a hidden one, and thus has always gone unnoticed. Groups (of religion, faiths, practices, etc) are many but evil is one, with just one agenda – destruction through delusion. This delusion among the groups of light keep each group trying to increase their own population rather than uniting together to overcome their one and only enemy – evil, from where all forms of negativity manifests. It cannot be fathomed as to what major loophole this is because it cannot be fathomed as to what united power it would be if all the boundaries would be dissolved and all the beings of light got together became ONE! Do we still think that the real devil is outside, or right amidst out ego consciousness?

What is Dharma in the most simplest words?

It is that which holds everything in order, everything together, binding everything together. It is only due to that all the good, bad and ugly also is together. It knows only to keep things together. Man separates. When man separates, it becomes disorder. Any kind of separation is opposite of Dharma. True spirituality unites, and never separates or strengthens separation. True spirituality encourages all to spread light in their unique ways, for it knows the supreme fact that there can be no two identical. How then can we fail to see the uniqueness in every person and why on earth would men want to make or mould large populations into one mentality, when in nature, not even two grains of sand are identical? True spirituality enhances divinity and light in any form and never will do anything to dim or shut off the light in others. True spirituality sees every flame as the spark of the Divine. Dharma is not a set of beliefs, rules and conditions created by humans woven around supremacies and legacies and self-glories, but that which is woven on the inclusion of everything as ONE – equality amongst even humans and all so also all the other species, where everything is joyously treated in equal acceptance and importance – in ONENESS. The spirit of unity and oneness is Dharma, because from unity and oneness arises the bond of unconditional love, acceptance, respect, kindness, caring and nurturing, which itself are the foundational stones of Dharma. This is the Dharma that has always been eternal (Sanatan) which is why it is referred to as Sanatan Dharma (Eternal Order).

However, governments, countries, parties, religion’s, communities, groups and individuals are battling against each other ignorantly – for supremacy,  hence the desire to reign over the rest, the reason why there is unrest! There is still the same invisible separations between the groups of light beings also, pushing each other as each tries to prove that they hold the Supreme Key to everything, and ignorantly put off each other’s light, which is exactly what the dark forces always wants. It is noone to benefit but the evil that silently watches all this in pure delight, awaiting for the time that the light beings lose their power and light fighting among themselves. In Kalyuga evil does not need to battle head-on with light beings, but all that it needs to do is play through the ego consciousness – through separation and ignorance.

While all this goes on, evolution is busy moving towards another direction…….

The whole Cosmos came from Oneness and is eventually returning to Oneness. It came from Nothingness and is eventually will return to Nothingness. Yet, man fights nature. Nature means natural. Man fights that which is natural and is naturally happening. None have won with Nature. Nature will sooner or later unite everything even when at current times this seems like utmost impossibility. But then, we are already seeing how nothing is impossible with Nature, aren’t we?

i will not be surprised to even see the Spiritual Leaders coming together as One, as never before – much before the Country Leaders can think of coming together, erasing their boundaries and shunning the need to dominate each other. i believe the Spiritual Leaders are more capable enough to understand this reality than the rest, due to the obvious heightened levels of consciousness.

If not in our living time, surely in the distant future, but it all is melting towards that. The veils of separations have already melted a great deal between awakened beings of light as the souls currently embrace in the knowing that they are not separate from each other, and sooner this should begin happening between all the different kind awakened groups of light also, and the caretakers of the every group.

It must be known that anything separate is the work of the evil, even if that is in the spiritual communities. It shows there hasn’t been enough light yet to reveal the true brotherhood that spirituality preaches but is yet to roll into action.

Yes, it all looks taboo, fancy or impossible. But then aren’t we seeing already how nothing is impossible for the Universe – no level of wisdom or power or intelligence is more powerful than the Cosmic Intelligence. It maybe years or decades or centuries or even weeks, but the true light of ONENESS has to shine, even if that needs a few lamps to get extinguished in this ignorant play, in this storm before the calm. This may seem negative but not necessarily is, because know that it is all in the Play of Consciousness. You may have seen how an Indian actor had to lose his life for all the necessary churning to happen in the showbiz industry. It took a life to be gone for the masses to awaken to things that never had seen the light before.  A black in US had to extinguish his life, for the collective to surface the pains and traumas of racism (one of the ugliest form of separateness) that had remained suppressed for generations. Likewise, many other cases where mass awakenings happened through such “losses”. So, it is not uncommon for certain beings to be extinguished or get extinguished for a larger cause to happen for it is all the mere Play of Consciousness. Not always does light spread just by lighting of the flame of divinity in each other, but sometimes they end up lighting more flames by extinguishing themselves.

But then, the final stages of the ONENESS is when the last boundary between the good and evil too will disappear, both of which were a dual part of the nondual exisitence. The best part to see is that this tatwa (element) of Oneness, exists in all the sparks of the Supreme, that is, in every individual consciousness. Because ONENESS is the very property of the beginning and end of creation. This element can be experienced even now in every individual, but it depends entirely on your freewill to see and experience that element of Oneness. It is that element that shows up as the feeling of unconditional love even towards evil alike. Many Masters who walked the Earth demonstrated this quality, which they explained as unconditional acceptance and nonjudgemental living. This is already depicted in the Shiva Tatwa, the representation of the highest Supreme Consciousness, which embraces both the Sura and the Asuras (gods and demons), the good and the evil. for both these have birthed from the ONE itself. This is the play of Consciousness. This quality of seeing oneness even in the good and bad, does reveals itself as a human quality, anytime the awakened soul is ready to see it. It already is showing it up well in many individuals. If it does in you, rejoice, it is a rare boon!

But before that, all separateness and divisions among the light beings has to dissolve first, by which the powerful collective light effortlessly illuminates the dark. But the whole duration depends on this dissolution of the ego consciousness of separateness.

So, all is in the play. Our role is to play the role without getting carried away with the role itself, by forgetting our true identities and identifying seriously with the role itself. Who am I?  A being of light birthed from light itself. Nothing more, nothing less.

Maybe this article may not appeal to you right now, it will in the coming time…..

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