We all have felt suicidal at some or the other time in life

Dear ones, let us be honest to accept that at some or the other point of time we all have felt suicidal.

The real problem is being something else and not being what you are or expressing life as it is. The virtual world is a fake place, where everything is only so glorified that everyone is seen with only happy faces when their hearts are crying inside just because we all want to desperately be a part of this fake virtual world so that we “fit in”.

This is why men don’t cry because the world condemns them to lose manhood if they cry. They would rather lose life than manhood. The world makes us believe that only the poor cry while it is an insult for the rich and prestigious to cry. That’s why the poor can cope up life in most strenuous conditions easily than the affluent. The more open and natural and accepting one is to the human emotions the more easier it is.

That is why Osho said bluntly, as always, “Everyone wants to commit suicide for the simple reason that life seems to be meaningless. People go on living, not because they love life, they go on living just because they are afraid to commit suicide.”

So, I feel real education to the world should not be that it is dangerous to feel suicidal. I feel it is more dangerous to have that feeling and not fully accept that you are feeling that by covering up with false smiles, and pushing things under the carpet. Real education to the world should be what is death about. Am sure just listening to mass reactions about such increasing cases will only put people more into depressed states than any good.

In the spiritual world also there are so many so-called suicides where the Yogis leave at their own will. The world thinks this is suicide but this is the art of leaving the body at will, possible only by those who have achieved mastery over life and death. It is known as Jeeva Samadhi. This death is but moving out of the body at the willed time and is done with such fearlessness and conscious awareness This is what the world must be educated about – that noone really dies. Almost all worry of the collective is uncertainty, especially the uncertain fear of death.

That will begin shattering the myth of dying and collectively start changing the perspectives. It is due to the lack of knowing who they truly are and where will they go after dropping their bodies, that people believe that they get destroyed when they destroy their body. Hardly do they know that they carry with them everything that they held while in the body, but now everything with them just multiplied. Hence, the wisdom of the Siddhas or the great mystics needs to be embraced by the population and one learns more about their true selves. This can bring a huge impact on the population.

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