Suicide Prevention: Approach rather than wait to be approached by them

What nonsense. Posting on social media that “I am available, my doors are open for you to share anything….” doesn’t really motivate a depressed person. Depression is more of a feeling of utter hopelessness and suicides happen when one is not even inspired to seek help. If someone is struggling deeply there are deep underlying factors that needs attention, which can only happen through genuine vibes of love and care personally with those whom you know, and not by an advertisement offer.

It is false to think that all those who commit suicides had noone or were lonely with no help. No dear. In larger cases there were caring people around but they were not wanting help.

It is showbiz industry where not just the struggle of success but even the cost of sustaining glitter and name has alway put a large percentage of the glamour industry in dire states. The pressure of coping with so-called success and more often the emptiness despite the success continue to keep many in strange dilemmas. Today the whole industry is sympathizing but it is a well known fact that none really is concerned about each other. Just another showoff to fans and the world.

The one who is really concerned will silently do what they need to do or ensure that they take care of each other by DOING IT and not by posting on the social media.

Just look around. You have more real friends and people you know living around you than virtual online friends whom you don’t even know. The ones around you need you the most. How about personally beginning to keep in touch with those whom you know already around (they need you the most) than posting such advertisements of concern on the virtual world, where you will not even know who is approaching you but you will surely know it in your real world where you live.

This has happened always that someone exits the world and everywhere posts come up that their doors are open if the depressed want to share something with them or take their help. Instead why not personally win confidence of the people you care about. Honestly, the depressed want love and care and concern and they can subconsciously feel more to personal vibes of concern and support and also subconsciously sense the fakeness of the invites on social media, especially if that is a ridiculous copy-paste viral message that is posted everywhere.

Oh c’mon. Personally, if I needed help I would rather talk to someone I trust in by vibes than someone posting a “help available” slogan online. If we want to tackle things real, we gotta get real.

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