Be Kind. Always.

One quote that has always helped in kindness and compassion. Biggest help in not being judgemental for it is so easy to condemn, preach, reprimand, punish, conclude, be angered or have opinions based on what by others do – to themselves or to us, but almost always ignored is the fact that only they know what they are undergoing, even though it may be in utter ignorance. If you have been blessed with wisdom and light over your ignorance and the ignorance of others then be kind. Empathy helps one become kind for there is a knowing of what others are going through despite all the wisdom of the world. Many a times the impact of karmic substance may be so overwhelming for someone who is battling through the dark. The motivation to end life comes to most from the disgruntled feeling of this overwhelment clouds. Many a times it is unkindness in fellow humans that pushes many towards further hopelessness. So many lives can be saved by only kindness and prayers for others than judgements and condemnation. Often the ones who battle low esteem or low confidence are well aware of it and don’t need others to tell them or remind them how lowly they are in their confidence and how they need to think better. Who doesn’t want to think bright and be bright, sometimes they have so much in hand to deal with their life package which almost always noone outside can see. More than often their entanglements are so much that forget others, even they themselves not not be able to see. Hence wiseness is not always in giving wisdom to them but most times just being kind is more than enough. It needs more than counselling – more of prayers, energies, goodwill, and love that all erupts from kindness. The world today needs not wisdom on priority, but kindness. Be kind.

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