Wrong Judgements… on the right track (My First Book)

It was not really about the confidence, but it was about the lack of interest to commercially sell what i write because i always wrote with the intension to help others and it worked well with my writings on the insights of life.

So, after being blogging and writing my heart out for more close to two decades, I finally give it a go to become a writer, and this came after lot of encouraging requests and persuasion from readers who read my blogs to begin writing books.

i really didn’t trust when people said i could write books, for i had never thought to that point ever, until i wrote a casual real life incident, that i often do, and this was about a train journey where i witnessed a Hindu Brahmin family and a group of Muslim religious men sharing the space with each other with me being a spectator of what goes on between them for almost two hours. Though i narrated the whole incident with the precious lessons it gave in just a short paragraph, in a few weeks it just went viral with thousands of likes and thousands of shares. i began getting words of appreciation from the Muslim community as well as from the Hindu community. In a few months i noticed hundreds of friend requests from Muslim brothers and sisters, and also a few requests came for permission to use the post in their websites and groups. i had no problem at all as i was more than glad that people liked it. This is when i for the first time thought that i must write.

As a mark of respect to that incident, i wrote the first Kindle e-book and published it. There are more books that i am currently writing that will also come up in paperbacks, but here is my first Kindle e-book, in which i share the whole incident in detail, and it makes a juicy read, while being entertained with an provocative yet amusing scenario with a pinch of humor. This was written with the motive of not just learning from the incident, but also pointing out the real relationship between two opposite communities that are considered to be volatile. I deliberately put my persistent judgments brought forth by my mind that is unconsciously moulded by the opinions of others, until i realize that i learn a lesson by the end of the whole incident. Hope this makes a good read.

More on my next book in the next related post.

Divine Love and Light

Stay blessed!

I am offering this first E-Book of mine absolutely FREE because it is a noble book, which can be shared to spread Love and to unite humanity together. I wanted to put this free on Amazon but right now, they do not allow except for ta few days of free promotion. Those who like to buy are welcome to do so on the Amazon Kindle link below.

But if you would like to download your free copy, i have a request – that after reading please do add your rating and review on the Amazon, for it will help much. Much Divine Love, Light and Peace to you.

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