The Army of Love & Light are Coming…

Dear World,

How much ever you give me evidences of hate, rudeness, arrogance, separateness, racism, cruelty, apathy, fickleness, vengeance, violence, spite and anger…

i just know this is not the real you

Deep down in my heart I know,

There does exist without doubt,

A dimension of those who live by the heart,

Of togetherness, oneness, and compassion.


No, this is not a fantasy dream

It does exist, but probably unrealisable to the whole from current level of existence

There is hardly any choice left for earth

Than to move to that dimension soon


I pray, thus, Oh Lord,

How much ever we may have to navigate through the third-dimensional world

Keep our hearts & minds attuned to that frequency

Of only love and divinity

So that the experiences of that world not be just in glimpses

But let us be catapulted into that realm for eternity.


Like it or not, the change is coming,

New souls are arriving rapidly,
To do what elders haven’t been able to do,

You will not understand them, nor will they relate to why you don’t understand,

Because understanding is the work of the mind

And they operate through their hearts


Not one or a dozen, but expect them in thousands and lakhs

They will not cease to do what they are here to do

Expect massive change in the coming decade

Trust me, there is no choice, dear earth,

More of the army of love and light are coming.

Here is a beautiful video that is a cute evidence to the new awakened souls arriving on Earth in this time. Never before has Earth experienced such expressions of love before.

Sweetest baby hugs 💖🥰

These hugs will melt your heart 🥰💖😘😍

Posted by NTD Television on Friday, March 22, 2019


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