Secret Revelations from the Siddhas/Ascended Masters

The world is not yet aware of the great mysteries that the great Indian Rishis or Masters divulged in coded language thousands of years ago. Of all the great perfected Masters who once walked the earth with a specific purpose, a purpose beyond any selfish gain, but for the welfare of humanity, one of the great 18 Siddhas was Rishi Bhogarnath.

i was reading a book on him and was amazed at the kind of hidden secrets that were decoded just a little percentage by the author. It is certainly not easy to decode or understand or reproduce what exactly the great ones stored in written format. Their coding was very deliberate because it contained the potent secrets of the Universe, which any human with very high level of Consciousness can work with, but for only the welfare of others. An unevolved soul, out of greed or other lower vibration needs can misuse these powers, and it was for this very reason that the great Masters put it all in flowery prose and poetry with the intent that only those with certain level of awareness and consciousness could understand and use it for the highest good of self and others.

i wouldn’t want to judge whether these attempted interpretations are perfectly to the mark, but i was awed with the other bits of information that this book mentioned about. Rishi Bogarnath gives details about him visiting Jerusalem and visiting the Samadhis of Christ’s 12 disciples. He also mentions to have known about the miracles performed by Jesus which was never known to him before.

He then talks about visiting he holy land of Mecca to meet the disciples of Mohammed Nabi and one of his disciples Yakub seeking Deeksha from him so that he could meet and take the grace of Bogarnath ji’s Guru Kalanginath ji. Bogarnath ji wonders if there is ever place in the world like Mecca.

All these are great pointers for human kind to understand that there is nothing really called religion. Masters with various different methods and approaches came on earth and taught it. They never branded it under any religion but only spoke of the One Supreme Spirit or Consciousness or God. But, their followers did put the teachings of their Master in one basket and gave that basket a name and that became religion.

Just this little information about the Rishis shows the Oneness among them, their noble work of love and sacrifice. My heart smiles in the spirit of Divine Oneness.

Divine love and light 💛

Source: Yoga of Boganathar

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