My home is home to staff from all faiths ~ R. Madavan

Here is another awakened conscious soul, who is an actor from South India – R. Madhavan.

Soon after Actor Madhavan posted this photo wishing everyone peace and prosperity, few of his twitter followers did not like the cross that they spotted behind and one of them tweeted back to him:

“Why do they have across in the background?! Is that a Mandir? You just lost my respect. Do you find Hindu Gods in Christian churches? All this is fake drama you did today.”

Madhavan gave a befitting reply, which made me increase all the respect for him even more. Madhavan lashed out at him and shut the topic. He replied:

“I don’t worry about respect from the likes of you. I hope you get well soon. Surprised that in u r sickness you did not see the Golden temple pic there too and asked if I converted to Sikhism. I have a blessing from the Dargas there too and blessing from all religious places around the world. Some gifted and some bought. My home is home to staff from all faiths and we pray at a common altar.”

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