I sing – “Why not you and I….?”

Wishing you all dear ones a very Happy New Year. The new year comes with hopes of new changes as the old year goes away with the old unwanted stuff…. when all the old dies down and the new emerges. Sharing the moments of new with this song that i sing in my dream world, these poetic lines… Moving through the landscapes of nature, walking bare-footed, laughing crazily, singing out loud, smiling at every creation of God… Living crazily doesn’t mean you are crazy, even when you are wink emoticon Below

Why not, you and I

Walk barefoot the twisted ways

Let’s roam then in a crazed daze

Why not, you and I

Roam beyond the trodden paths and known maps

Let’s wander now, as true mad-caps

In the twinkle of your eyes

In your gestures so nice

What thoughts lurk in a haze

Let’s roam then in a crazed daze

Why not, you and I

Intoxicated by life, wander amazed

Let’s roam then in a daze

Why not, you and I

Scour the gardens in a restful shade

Let’s roam then in a daze

In the humming of the breeze

In caressing winds through the trees

In the pitter-patter days that stretch

What’s that you feel in your daze?

A very small flick of the same done on Smule

Let every moment of yours be a long. Life is a song to be sung!

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