The bliss of being in presence of Yogini Amma of Thalassery, Kerala

Saw this pic today and remembered this episode. Few years back, a few of us had gone to visit Amma, an Avdhoot in Kerala who roams this town without any body consciousness… A long mysterious day passed with her. Whenever I go to Kerala I meet her.. probably met her about four times this lifetime…. After we visited her, we left to Siddha Soorya Narayan ji’s Jeeva Samadhi, which is far away from Amma’s place.. After an hour’s Sadhna at the Samadhi, we heard some hustle bustle. The localities ran out of the house saying Amma had come. I couldn’t believe how come she would come here. She was indeed out there and the locals were falling at her feet while she remained lost in her own world but her sharp eye looking at us every now and then. The localities told us that just nearby there is a beech and every month in an auspicious day Amma’s devotees offer Annadanam there at Amma’s temple at the beech, and told us to have food and go. We bid Amma goodbye for a second time and left for the beach. What we saw there was shocking. At the beach was Amma’s Samadhi temple! I entered the temple and saw her idol and was confused. On asking the villagers told that Amma had ordered this samadhi to be built here and only she knows why. They said after she leaves her mortal will remain in this place. Just then we saw Amma coming here also! I was overjoyed to have her presence. The food was being prepared and there was a good crowd gathered there, so we decided to go play at the beech until food was ready. After about half hour, while playing in the waters I suddenly turned and caught my attention at Amma peeping at us from behind a wall near the beach. I can’t explain how secure I felt at that moment. I didn’t know what was going on and neither can anyone understand Avdhoots and Siddhas.. at those joyful moments, this pic was taken then by our ace photographer Rahul 😁 Soon we had food and I went to bid Amma for the third time and she was lying down there absorbed in bliss in a villager’s house verandah. When I went close to her she gave a glance at me and again continued staring back at the roof of the house. I touched her feet and quietly left, fully contended on how they day had passed… The grace of my Master and the Gurumandala have always been kind to help me.reach the Great Ones, all the time unplanned. My heart lights up in immense gratitude 🙏💛💫

The strange connection between Amma and Siddha Soorya Narayan’s Jeeva Samadhi is that where Amma lives now was once upon a time where Siddha Soorya Narayan ji lived. I got the lead to his samadhi only after I saw a photo of this Siddha hanging in Amma’s house. The caretaker of this house had then given me the address of this place, which is a little complicated spot but how we reached here without an ounce of effort was another unbelievable mystery, which will share some other time if Providence wills. 🙏 This place is close to where Nityananda Baba was found as a baby in the jungle.

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