What is Awakening?

When you are sleeping, you dream and in the dream you see that you are a beggar with lot of diseases. You are thrown out of everywhere and no one wants to give a second look at you. 

You feel miserable. You are wishing you didn’t have such a horrible life. You carry with you pain and suffering everywhere and you wished life wasn’t so bad with you. Then suddenly you wake up. It’s 4 a.m. in the morning. The moment you wake up all your miseries and pain vanish into thin air. You are so relieved and happy to see that you are not a beggar and you don’t have all those diseases in you. There is no pain. No unhappiness. You smile because you have awoken from that horrible dream and are now aware how safe and fine you are!

Similarly, in real life, you one day awaken to the fact that you are not just a body of flesh and blood and are, in fact, a wonderful soul on its journey to a destination where there would be no more suffering. You are not just born to live and struggle with life and finally die. There is something beyond this. You are not what you perceived yourself to be. You are more powerful and divine. When this realization dawns upon you, then that is awakening.

  • Awakening is like the idea that suddenly clicks in your mind when you were longing for a solution over a difficult situation.
  • Awakening is like a door being opened to you when you felt that all doors were closed and there was no way to being freed.
  • Awakening is like the sudden answer to your mystery over life.
  • Awakening is experiencing that you exist in all things, living or dead.
  • Awakening is knowing that you are never separate from God or the Supreme power.
  • Awakening is knowing there is no God who rules over you and judges you but exists within you.
  • Awakening is knowing that the solution to anything in life cannot be found outside you but deep within you.
  • Awakening is seeing your own reflections in all the relationships around you.
  • Awakening is knowing that you are still full of impurities how much ever clean you assumed yourself to be.
  • Awakening is knowing that you need not have to prove your awakening to anyone and understand why they do not understand when you understand.
  • Awakening is when you do not force your views and ideas on awakening on other souls that are not awakened.
  • Awakening is when you know that you are responsible for all that happens to you and nobody else is.
  • Awakening is when you know that you can achieve anything that you want and that is how powerful you are.
  • Awakening is when you don’t differentiate between any living beings be it man, animal or plants or be it a rock.
  • Awakening when you feel more connected to nature.
  • Awakening is when you are humble in spite of having known the secrets of life.
  • Awakening is when you feel that you still have lot to learn and are ready to undertake the journey.
  • Awakening is knowing that the journey isn’t easy and there will be testing periods.
  • Awakening is knowing that your soul growth is not in the destination but the journey itself.
  • Awakening is being aware all the time of not “forgetting” who you are during your journey.
  • Awakening is sharing all that you know with who ask for it without taking the credit of holding or sharing the wisdom that exists in everyone but is seldom known.
  • Awakening is not perfection but working towards perfection.
  • Awakening is knowing that you are still bound to make mistakes in the human form and the readiness to overcome them at any point of time.
  • Awakening is becoming conscious of even the smallest bad thing you do.
  • Finally, awakening is knowing that you are awakened and feel wonderful being awakened but never feel any superior over any thing or person for being awakened.

So, if you feel that five or more points above resonate well with you along with the last point, then know that you are awakened!

When you awaken to this fact about your true self, you will rejoice to know that your life till now was a bad dream. You are now wide awake and in total control of yourself unlike the dream that took you where you never wanted to go and made you suffer when you least intended to suffer.

Awakening on one’s soul journey happens in many ways. Everybody experiences an awakening but at different timings, age, lives, occasion, reason, place, etc. That moment is like a click to the divine. That is the first connection that connects you to something beyond what the world perceives as the world. The moment this awakening happens, there then tends to be a connection between you and the divine and then starts infinite blessings and information flowing into you. Now, that doesn’t mean that you just transform into a godly being that has nothing to do with human beings, but yes, the transformation then begins. It’s a long journey after that because this is when your souls starts to “remember” who you are. It will then constantly pose you with the questions of who you are and what is your purpose of life?

A large number of factors determine your awakening. Firstly, it’s the karma of all previous lives that has been accumulated till day. A major turning point in your life also could trigger an awakening when after a considerable amount of intolerable suffering you begin to quest the meaning of life. It could just happen when you are traveling, reading, praying, or watching something. It will only happen when you are ready to explore the journey of life. But in spite of all this, the decision to open your eyes of the body and mind to the awakening is fully your freewill. There is nothing that can force anything to you and all comes to you as per the laws of nature.

When the awakening happens, then onwards you will “simply know” about things. Your perception to life changes and your outlook to everything in life changes. You long for nothing but yet long for everything to come to you. You develop a beautiful connection with nature and all life forms. You sense an awesome responsibility to your life and that of others. You begin to know that everything in this universe is made out of one energy and that this energy flows through you all the time and that this energy is responsible for your life. You know that it is this energy that nourishes your soul. You know that your soul is immortal and lives beyond the body.

If you are awakened know that all that your need will come to you when things are right. You will not tend to control any situations, persons and even yourself. You just surrender to the power that is intelligent and you take care of not only you but everything in this world that exists. Awakening is like a key that you find that unlocks the entire Universe to you in the unidentified form for you to explore and achieve all that you soul has been yearning to. Every little thing that you do or think, you do it with a difference. You see things at a different angle. You start questioning everything in life. There are lot of doubts and questions about every functioning of everything in this Universe. You are inclined more towards ethics and goodness. You start seeking for truth. It’s a long journey when only you learn it, learn it in your way, learn it with mistakes. You simply know that it’s a tough journey but yet a wonderful one! Stay blessed!

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