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This article is about one’s struggle with fear, insecurities, guilt, turmoil, unhappiness, regrets and restlessness over daily issues with what we call life. If you are honest enough to accept things with not others but with your own self, then this is for you – read on.. If not you may find this offending to your own self; if so please read some other blog here.

As the planet earth takes a new wave of transformation, which very few notice, things don’t seem to be the way it used to anymore. Now, this wave of transformation is noticed by many to be in the form of wars, terrorism, quarrels, fights, indifferences, etc etc. True this is, but what is not true is that its a wave of negativity. It is actually a wave of positivity that is surfacing negativities to the surface. Many see this happening in their personal lives too. There is restlessness everywhere. In relationships, in business, in workplace, in prayers, in faith, in love, in friendship and in anything you name. Depression levels go high, confusion seems to take over life – one becomes directionless, one questions the meaning of life, one searches for happiness desperately, one searches for peace, one longs for solitude while the other longs for company. The hunt is on, the search is desperate but nothing seems to come. Even if one gets what one was searching for it is soon realized that it was not that one wanted and the search for something else and something more important begins. I see this everywhere, in all lives, but yet the world looks so perfect and so much glorified. All seem to wear the mask of happiness and smiles while their minds chatter in restlessness and tension. All homes seem well lit while there is so much of darkness within each body existing in there. All are mum. All are silent. No one wants to reveal or open up facts before any one because that is also another form of restlessness of the uncertainty of not knowing whom to share with. The world is silent over its worries and insecurities and noone speaks it all. So much of insecurity in everything. Future, safety of self and family, insecurity of winning someone’s love and still more is the insecurity of losing that love, insecurity over finances, insecurity in every walk of life. Lives are bundles of fear, insecurities, unhappiness, turmoil and restlessness. So much of everything within one body and yet so much of nothing on the external. Even if one conveys or shares with another, it is only very limited and what one only selects to share. Therefore the answers always remain incomplete. This is where the world of verbal communication and external bodies end!
Welcome to the world of immortal beings, where the soul talks, where there is no verbal communication, where one is stripped of all hardcore deep hidden facts but yet feels comfortable to be uncovered. This is what the wave of transformation on planet earth is all about. People are getting awakened to their own divinity. People are now knowing that there should be better means of communication with god or anything that they believe or trust in. People now know that there are problems with what they believed about. They understand rectifications now have to be made in order to be in this world. Unfortunately, many realize this after being pushed to the extreme by life. Thats why I always say that life is the best teacher. It spares no one and teaches one what one ought to learn. Lessons differ from person to person, yet life dedicatedly spends enough time on every life to assure that lessons are learnt. Even if one doesn’t learn, it waits patiently with another lesson to offer and ensures that finally the lesson is learnt so that one can progress. People who believed that taking care of their lives was in the hands of some external force now know that they themselves are responsible for any outcome of their lives. The one who searches outside for god almost all his life is finally surprised to know that god is within one’s own self. Many were shocked to know that their own souls were powerful enough to manifest and recieve whatever they wanted. Many have lost faith in giving bribes to any form of god in the form of cash or kind for it took them a lifetime to realize that the god who had everything didn’t actually look forward to any offering for a barter of granting one’s needs. People now realize the gods and saints who lived their lives penniless could never be flattered by the glitter of gold or the sound of cash. Now, one realizes that it is not just the few minutes in prayer during which god or divinity seeks one’s purity but the purity that one carries at all living moments, yes, even when out of sight of a temple, mosque, church or any place of worship. People now remember that divinity is everywhere and that one is watched not only in places of worship but also behind closets when one performs acts of impurity; not only acts of impurity but one is not spared by the divine eye on the even thoughts of impurity. How foolish it is when one stands in front of god and “pretends” to be pure, obedient, harmless, helpless, kind, loving and the moment one is out of that place behaves just the opposite. How foolish to think that one can do anything wrong and get away with a few prayers or sacrifices or offerings. I fail to understand if this is cheating one’s own self or cheating divinity, because both the self and divinity walk together in every second of life. When this is realised and accepted by oneself, then realisation dawns upon. And this is wave of realisation or positivity that is sweeping across the planet. The earth is undergoing this wave of transformation. This transformation is speeding up and will catch up soon with every soul. Earth is witnessing mass cleansing of negativities in the form of natural disasters, wars, crimes, etc. You may ask what about the innocent who goes along with the sinful. Know that there is no innocent in any form. Innocence is the perception of our own mind. For spiritual people I could say that the law of karma acts here. For more scientific people I could say that its Newton’s law “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction” Take it in any language or any theory, justice is certainly applicable to all activity and form of life. Unconditional justification. Now you can call the justifier as god, supreme power, consciousness, divinity, whatever. Everything in the Universe is justified and justice prevails though we may not see things immediately. Nature has its own course of time for everything. So behind every form of “innocent” suffering is nothing but one price for one’s own deeds. Nothing is unjustified, know it. It is known that “every saint has a past and every sinner has a future” For every sinner there is an equal and opposite reaction waiting to unfold at the “right” time of nature. This may sound scary but the best thing is that this important fact is now being realised in the wave of transformation.Every thought, word or act has its own rewards – rewards in the same coin. If they have been negative they will come back in the same negative way and if they have been positive, they will boomerang with positive events and outcomes. All the positivity in one’s life is a result of the good deeds and all negativities are the results of bad deeds. Now, there are two ways one can dissolve results of bad deeds. Its called yog or bhog. Bhog means gratification (enjoyment) and Yog (union) is the union of one’s own soul into the consciousness or in simple words is the merging with of oneself with god or the divine. This is when there is no difference in god’s qualities and one’s qualities. Both become one. This is done through meditation and one gets to experience this bliss of union in meditation. One realizes that the divinity exists within and there is no need to search for it outside. Here is when transformations take place. When transformation takes place, naturally one will emit only good thoughts, words and deeds which will in turn attract only positivity into one’s life. The other option is bhog (gratification or enjoyment) where one still remains attached to one’s never-ending yearning for gratification, never-ending quench for lust, greed, power, pride, ego, etc. There is no satisfaction for these because the satisfaction that comes is very temporary, for the mind will try to feed on more and the more one clings to these sensory gratifications the more stronger the addiction to it. When the bad deeds are caused by these, one naturally attracts negative results for these and ultimately one pays for those negativies in the form of misery, unrest, unhappiness, fear, insecurity, disease, sins. Its a never-ending vicious cycle of suffering.Now, the awakening is happening – when people look around and cannot seem to take it anymore, then one questions the very meaning of existence, the very meaning of how life functions. This is when transformation happens. For all this knowledge was waiting for every soul to be revealed but one was very busy in the mundane pursuits of life. Now, the transformations have begun. Hence the rise in negativities because as the earth is being purified by the Universal law, all the negativities lying dormant come to the forefront. Same happens with every person. As soon as one makes a decision to lead the right path, one starts noticing lots of problems arising. When one starts doing good, behaving good, changing one’s nature to being more positive, one starts experiencing turmoils within, unrest within, illness, irritation, anger, ego and depression. And one often wonders why? This is because all the negativities that were within oneself is now surfacing. All that was held so strongly within, old beliefs, old habits, old ways, all are being released from deep within and surfacing. These surface so that they can be faced – they have to be faced. Many lose hope and everything seems senseless and soon return back to the way they were, into the comfort zones. And then, these negativies settled down once again to be saturated more strongly within oneself. So, let the negativities arise, let them come up.. Once the knowledge of why it is happening dawns upon, it become easier to deal with them. DO NOT react or oppose or suppress them. Let it flow. Flow with it. Go with it. DO NOT resist. The moment you resist any negativities that surface, it will try to fight its way out while you try to fight and suppress it down – this will cause more turmoil. Let it go. Know that these negativities are negativities that you accumulated in the past. Take responsibility. Let it go. Continue with your own cleansing. Keep doing good. I remember what one of my friend had once mentioned and I can use the example here. When you have a glass of muddy water which is kept still for a while, you see that the dirt has settled down and the water looks clean. That is what each of us are. There is a lot of dirt hidden and suppressed deep within. The moment fresh clean water is added to this glass, what happens is the dirt is stirred and it rises up and then what you see is that the water overflows from the glass. This is the exact metaphor of what is happening to earth and what is happening to every life. If seeing this muddy water, the turbulence in the water one stops pouring clean water, the dirt will settle back again, but if one continues to pour clean water within a span of time you will see that the entire dirt is out and the glass of water is clean. Wow! When one is transformed and pure, one will only do those things that are clean and thus will attract only positive outcomes. Thats what happens with all. Till now what happened was that everyone lived under the illusion that the glass is clean when there was dirt within. One sees the dirt only when the glass is shaken (or life is shaken now and then).

But yet, there is no force but free will. Every soul has to be right to decide. Every decision has the right to be rewarded. No external force can influence the decisions you make. It doesn’t matter which religion you are in, what matters is in what condition you are in! So it is up to you – to be the glass with impurities and live with impurities or chose to let that tap open to fill and cleanse you! Stay blessed!


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