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0808 – The Lion’s Gate Portal

August 8th (08/08) is the day that has been considered a date of great spiritual significance for thousands of years. On this year, every year, a cosmic alignment happens when …

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Conscious Food

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Meat or Plants – both have lives – now what?

After one of my old student forwarded my yesterday’s post on NOT EATING ANIMALS, that i had shared on another platform, he got some angry responses. So, he wrote to …

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Is Vegan a fad or reality?

Benefits of eating with your hands

Conscious Children

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Song not for the weak-hearted

This song is not for the weak-hearted for it has straight profound truths of the illusory life spoken by the great Sufi mystic Kabir Das ji – something that will …

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The Sparkling Tear on the Little Face

Divine Children Landing on Earth

Conscious Kids – our teachers


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Manifestation – Part 3

Manifestation – Part 2

Manifestation – Part 1

Moving Through The Spiritual Path

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Prithvi Linga – Ekambareshwar, Kanchipuram – Earth Element

The Prithvi Tatwa location on earth – Kanchipuram, Tamilnadu, famous for it a silk sarees. Details I mentioned in the video to save typing time 😁 one error in the he video. …

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