Conscious Food

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Meat or Plants – both have lives – now what?

Is Vegan a fad or reality?

Benefits of eating with your hands


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Filling my cup first…

It is true that as a human being we have qualities of compassion and the urge to help the creation which is the most beautiful quality given by the Creator. But, in order to help, …

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The Lightworkers

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The Awareness Bulb

In this section, will share the short but deep flashes of insights i keep having, whenever my light of Awareness switches on. This i call as the “Awareness Bulb” •  AWARENESS BULB ✨1Sleep less, eat …

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What’s mysterious in your new paranormal experience?


Journeys on the Path

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Reading Secrets for Seekers

Books written by great Masters are not mere recordings. You can say they are literally the transfer of their consciousness into their works. A simple man writes for communicating a certain piece or knowledge or …

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Vaayu Linga – Srikalahasti -Air Element

Adi Kamakshi Temple – Kanchipuram

Agni Linga – Tiruvannamalai – Fire Element